Janeway Business Consultants the Small Business Consultant in the UKJaneway Small Business Consultant

Janeway Business Consultants are a specialist Small Business Consultant who use their experience of big businesses to transform small companies into successful, profitable organisations.

We do this through our unique four-step programme.

Our aim is to enable you to:

  •  Grow your business by increasing sales and profits.
  •  Improve business efficiency through more effective management.
  •  Identify your most lucrative target markets and attract and retain valuable customers.
  •  Maximise the productivity of your work force.

The Janeway offer

We are confident that we can help you transform your business, so we offer our advice free of charge, with costs only incurred once we have agreed an action plan and started to deliver it.

We not only advise you on how to take your business forward, we work with you as a business partner to implement those changes.

Four-step programme

Through our four- step programme, we work with you to develop and implement simple, effective processes and action plans in three key areas, built around an in-depth understanding of your business.

The processes we use, which are based on extensive experience in larger organisations, will be tailored to deliver guaranteed, outstanding results for your business.

The results will be a business that

  •  Better understands the needs of its customers and adapts its offer accordingly
  •  Delivers exceptional customer service every time
  •  Maximises profits through improved financial management
  •  Makes timely and informed management decisions based on sound information
  •  Benefits from motivated and committed staff

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